Benefits of Google Play store

Google Play Store may be described as a digital-distribution service that is mainly developed and operated by Google. It was originally known as the Android market. The Store was first released on 22 October 2008. It is an official pre-installed application on Android devices which gives easy access to Google Play Store products and services. The Play Store allows android users to browse, view and download movies, videos, books, TV shows, applications that are uploaded to Google Play by developers. The stable application for Google Play Store was released in 2012 by Google Play Store has a list of 1.9 million apps that are available for downloading in 2016 only. The number has been increasing gradually. The music Store has more than 35,000,000 songs.


How Google Play Store works

Google Play Store works by filtering the list of apps that are only compatible with your android device. Google Play Store also takes note of the special apps that can only be downloaded by people from a specific business group or company or countries. You should also know that the Store doesn’t necessarily install apps in your device. It asks the apps manager to install the apps on your device via the use of small Android package files. This is the main reason why it’s not a requirement for Android users to download apps from Play Store. The can download apps from the developer’s websites or third party sources. Some of the apps in the Play Store are free, and others require you to purchase them.

Compatibility of Google Play Store

Every Android user should know that the Google Play Store is not and has never been an open source. An Open source software (OSS) is a specific PC/device software with its source- code made available for users with a license part whereby the copyright holders provides rights to change, study or even distribute the software to other people for any reason or purpose. When it comes to Google Play Store, it is only compatible with Android devices that are aligned to the Google compatibility requirements. For instance, some Android devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets do not support Google Play.


Google Play Store uses an in-house automated anti-virus software to get rid of all spam and fake apps uploaded to the marketplace. This anti-virus system is known as Google Play Bouncer. Studies have shown that this system does not necessary block the malicious apps instantly. The software takes time, and that’s why there are always cases of malicious apps introduced by hackers in the Store. There were some cases where malicious apps that carried spyware and Trojans were downloaded by users who tried to download pirated apps of the legitimate applications. One of the most malicious apps in the history of Google Play Store is the DroidDream.

Advantages of using Google Play Store to download apps, games, music, and videos among others

1. There is a lower risk of downloading malicious apps

2. It is readily available at all times

3. It saves data and time because the apps and other products are arranged in a systematic manner

4. It is preinstalled on the compatible Android devices

5. It gives a good description of apps before you start downloading them.