Know and Install the Google Play Best Apps in 2016

It seems just like yesterday that Google App Store celebrates apps like “Dropbox” and “ToDoList” as the Best of 2015. But with more than six months gone of 2016, the Google App store has seen a great number of changes and additions in their stock of applications. Install all the Google Play best apps in 2016 to get the best help you need regarding almost everything! These apps include some of the most dynamic concepts that will revolutionize functionality and provide the best utility app as well. The following page will list out the best apps, check it out.

The List


1. Google Maps

Google Maps require no introduction after it has saved thousands of wanderers from getting lost on the way. This virtual navigation app that has millions of downloads, updates to incredibly helpful features often and gives the perfect data for your help. They include not just the direction but the how to go, traffic data information and offline map ability.

2. Clash of Clans

The Clash of Clans is part of the Google editor’s best app list of 2016 where it has literally millions of downloads and people getting addicted to this MMO combat gaming app. This is the best app in the sense that apart from providing the usual gaming facility, it lets users from corners of the world to connect and fight as a team.

3. Cloud Magic

One of the most popular Android apps that burst out in the Google Play store, the CloudMagic is a savior for those who work with a lot of emails. You log in by creating an account and you sing in your other accounts as well. You get Google Calendar, Zendesk, Evernote and other apps to access and the free version is going to last for a long time for almost all your needs.

4. The Google Drive

One of the most versatile productive app. Google’s own app in the Google App Store is the formation of a spectacular cloud storage device. You get 15 GB memory free on signing in and there is an array of apps that are included in it. You get to use Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Photos and Google Keep.

5. Groupon

The incredibly popular coupon application that enables you to find the various coupons for events, occasions, and restaurants in your area, most certainly comes under one of the best apps in 2016 in the Google Play Store. It also incorporated ideas with GasBuddy, to even help better to save your money.

6. Pocket

If you want to keep away any webpage to read later, then Pocket is the app that helps you to do it. Pocket serves one of the most convenient and thoughtful purposes where you can keep your stories to read later from almost any social media sites and other websites as well. It is absolutely free and includes great browser extensions to give better quality work.

7. Dubmash

One of the nominees of the best apps in 2016 by the Google editor lets you create a selfie video with different sounds dubbed together. It has seen one of the most extensive uses in the age of 2016.

8. The Fabulous

Another Google editor’s pick, this motivational app lets you rewire, reset and transform your life into proper schedule all in the span of a 24-day schedule.

So, download from the list of Google Play best apps in 2016 to upgrade your Smartphone to be equipped in far more convenient and better ways. These applications provide the help; fulfill the productive need while they also find a way to relax your mind.