Google Play and iTunes app store differences

With regards to mobile biological communities, there are two monsters secured a fight, for income, as well as for the hearts and brains of designers and customers alike. They are obviously Google and Apple. Google’s versatile working framework is Android alongside the Google Play store, while Apple’s putting forth is iOS alongside the Apple Application Store (iTunes).


Both Google Play and iTunes offer applications, music, books, movies, and television arrangement. The normal insights which are utilized to think about the two stores are a number of accessible applications and aggregate quantities of downloads. Apple has regularly utilized these insights amid its keynote discourses. Get your Google Play gift card code for free here



For the most part, iTunes Store takes a shot at all iOS gadgets. However, what individuals regularly disregard is that iTunes Store can likewise be introduced on both Macintosh and Windows PCs while Google Play can’t.

Google Play works on Android gadgets. Notwithstanding, not all Android gadgets have entry to Google Play. For instance, Amazon Arouse Fire does not give access to Google Play and rather utilize their maker’s own versatile substance dispersion administration. Also, Google Play, dissimilar to iTunes Store, has a few autonomous administrations with their different applications, which areGoogle Play Magazine kiosk, Books, Music and television, and Google Play Recreations. Among them, Google Play Music, Google Play Films and television and Google Play Books can likewise work on iOS gadgets other than Android gadgets.


Apple’s Application Store keeps on producing more income than Google’s Play Store for engineers. The explanations for this are fascinating. The greatest is presumable that Apple proprietors originate from higher pay families. The handsets are costly and these more rich proprietors are set up to spend more cash on applications than the “normal” Android client.

Obviously, the Android environment has what’s coming to it’s of costly telephones, simply take a gander at the Samsung Cosmic system S6 Edge. Be that as it may, there are additional loads of Android proprietors whose handsets just cost amongst $100 and $300. Likewise in numerous parts of the world where Android is mainstream the normal client might not have a credit/debit card and transporter charging isn’t generally accessible.

Value Model

Take music for instance. A large portion of the individual melodies were all sold at the same cost US$1.29 while a couple of tunes may cost somewhat less like $0.99 or $0.69. Be that as it may, the collections in iTunes Store may have very surprising costs starting with one then onto the next.

In Google Play, Melodies are evaluated at US$1.29, $0.99, $0.69, and free.


The similar is the thing that the two offer. iTunes Store surpasses Google Play in music, motion pictures, and Television events while in applications amount, they can’t surpass each other.

The unique can likewise give us an indication of the capacity limit of the two media store. For instance, book recordings in iTunes Store add up to 20,000+ and podcast to more than one million. What’s more, Google Play Books is the world’s biggest eBook store with more than 5 million titles and Play Newspaper kiosk highlights around 1,900 free and paid distributions.