How to Use the App Store on your Apple TV, iOS devices, or computer

Use the App Store on your ipad, iPhone, iPod touch, computer or Apple TV (4th generation) to download and purchase apps, see the previous purchases, and many more. You can download newest apps, Through the App Store for your ipad, iPhone, Apple TV(4th generation) and iPod touch. Your current Apps on your ipad, iPhone, or iPod touch can also be found for your Apple TV.

Browse and buy

itunesYou will need an Apple ID to buy and download apps from the App Store. The account you use to access apple services is your Apple ID. Nonetheless your Mac App, or iCloud accounts can be used to sign in to the App Store. You can create an Apple ID if you lack one.

You can buy or browse apps in the App Store on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV (4th generation), or using the App Store in iTunes on your PC or Mac. If you want to purchase apps for your Mac, you can purchase them through the Mac App Store rather than the iTunes

Forms of payment you can use for buying apps and other content.

On your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad

On your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, go to the App Store to browse apps. When you get an app that you liket, follow these steps:

Tap or click on the app. If you want to purchase it, on the right side of the screen tap the price, then tap Buy.
If you want a free app,on the right side of the screen tap tap on get, then tap Install. In case your password is needed, you can use your password then download to your device. You can also use Touch ID for any app purchases.On your PC or Mac

Follow these steps to browse the App Store on your Mac or computer:

Open iTunes, then click on iTunes Store. On the upper left hand Click the More Options icon. Click Apps Click App Store at the top of the screen.

When you get an app you want to download or buy, follow these steps:

Click on the app.To buy the app, under the image of the app, click on the price (Buy). Under the app image click get for a free app. Enter your password if asked. All your downloaded Apps in the App Store through the iTunes are stored in the iTunes library, nonetheless you cant use them on your computer. You can use iTunes to sync apps with your computer or device.For your Apple TV (4th generation)

Open the App Store to browse apps on your Apple TV (4th generation). If y u find an app that you would like to download or buy, follow these steps:

Select the app. Select the price to buy an app (Buy). Select Get to get a free app. If asked, enter your password. After you enter your password,and wait for your app to downloads. Apple TV (3rd generation or earlier) has no App Store.

Downloading your previous app purchases

Supposing you are in the App Store using any of your devices and happen to see the near an app, this means that you already downloaded or bought that app. On your ipad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, tap on the App Store app if you want to see your previously purchased or bought apps. Tap on Updates.Tap Purchased. On your PC or Mac, open iTunes. Under quick links on your PC or Mac App Store. Click Purchased. On top of your Apple TV (4th generation) screen, Open the App Store app and click on purchased.Press the Menu button of the remote if you don’t see Purchased at the top of your screen.