The Pros and Cons of Digital Gift Cards

Technology, more so the smartphone technology, has made its way to the very core of our human existence. Activities such as giving and receiving gifts have incorporated technology to cater for the modern gift enthusiasts. The pros and cons of digital gift cards prove that most, if not all, developments have their good and bad sides. The following pros and cons will help you understand how digital cards work and whether they are a good option for you and your loved ones during this and every other holiday season.


Digital gift cards, also known as e-gift cards, work in the same way as the traditional physical gift card. The gift giver purchases the particular iTunes gift card code that they wish to give to the recipient. The gift recipient receives the e-gift card through email or via their phone. Digital gift cards contain codes that are scanned during purchase to ensure legitimacy. The digital gift card may also be printed on demand by the merchant in question. Companies may also offer digital gift cards to their customers in order to increase sales and market their brand.

Pros of digital gift cards


The most notable advantage of digital cards, as it is with most technological developments, is the convenience they offer. The gift giver only needs to purchase the gift card and send it to the recipient electronically. This is unlike traditional physical gift cards that required the giver and the recipient to be in contact for the exchange of the gift card, or force the giver to incur mailing costs.


Gifting is not an easy task because people have different tastes, needs, and preferences. As such, digital gift cards allow recipients to choose their most ideal gifts. The trick, in this case, is that the gift giver needs to have an idea of what the recipient likes in terms of clothing, electronics, and certain equipment. The gift giver will then purchase a digital gift card from a particular store that will give the recipient a wide range of gift ideas to choose. This way, people are gifted with items that they actually need, love, and will use.

Replaceable in the event of loss

gift-card-apple-music-itunesTraditional physical gift cards required the recipient to be extremely cautious when handling and storing them to avoid loss since companies do not reimburse lost physical cards. On the other hand, digital gift cards come with codes for scanning upon purchase. As such, if the digital gift card is lost, the recipient can easily contact the gifting company and get a new copy of the card. The company will confirm that the previous gift card was not used since the codes were not scanned. They will then void the old codes and send a new digital gift card.

Business booster

Companies are reaping the benefits of digital gift cards. A company may send gift cards to new and existing customers in a bid to attract new customers and increase sales. Digital gift cards may work as an incentive to the customer purchasing an item. A gift card may cover part of the costs of an item hence relieving the buyer of some financial burden. This incentive will definitely keep the company in good records with the customer. Digital gift cards that bear the logo of the company have a marketing effect on the recipients hence this increases brand awareness for that company. A company that offers gift card incentives often receives a boost in sales since most customers seek to receive discounts and free giveaways through this platform.

Cons of digital cards


Some people view digital gift cards as impersonal. This is because some people envision gift giving as a personal experience where the giver goes out of their way to come up with a personalized gift idea. As such, the e-gift card seems out of touch as it forces the recipient to go out and get their own gift.

Fine print details

Notably, digital gift cards come with terms and conditions that many people tend to overlook. The fine print details entail fees for using the gift cards, expiration dates, and types of redeemable goods. As such, the recipient may find themselves in an awkward position where they spend more while getting the gift or they miss out on the redemption period due to expiration dates. It is always advisable to read the fine print before purchasing a gift card and before redeeming it.Evidently, digital gift cards are convenient and easy to use. It all comes down to who is receiving the gift and their perception of digital gift cards.

Evidently, digital gift cards are convenient and easy to use. It all comes down to who is receiving the gift and their perception of digital gift cards.