Top 10 Itunes Store Apps of 2016

2016 has been a year of innovation throughout technology and iTunes apps are no exception. From business to games, here are the top ten most popular apps of this year so far.


1. Uber

Although Uber is not new to the Itunes store this year, it has flown to the top of the download charts. Uber’s app allows you to make arrangements and pay your driver right from your Iphone. No more waiting for your carpool or flagging down a taxi cab, just download Uber for free and get rolling.

2. Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go spent years in the making and took 2016 by storm. Millions have people have downloaded this game from all ages and walks of life. Users can walk, run, or bike outside to search for Pokemon that appear to be right in front of them. The motive of the game is to get people outside and moving in such a fun way that they don’t even realize it. It’s safe and easy for kids to use, it’s great app for the whole family.

3. Awesome Note (+ToDo)

This is one of the most downloaded apps in the area of organization. The scheme is fully customizable from colors, to fonts, to background images. Users can add in to-do list and information into an easy to read calendar. This is especially great for busy moms or people who travel often as you can sync your travel itinerary and dates into the calendar as well.

4. IBlocker

There is almost nothing that is as annoying than pop ads filled with viruses waiting to steal your information. IBlocker is a free Itunes store app that blocks unwanted ads while browsing the internet or working on other apps. The paid version guarantees no ads on your phone no matter what system is operating. It’s a great app for parents to keep their kids from accidentally downloading something from a pop-up.

5. Dropbox

We all know the frustration of having pictures and documents spread out over three of four devices. Dropbox allows users to access their Cloud information from anywhere they have network access. You’ll never forget an assignment at home again.

6. Cloze

Scrolling through all of your social media accounts can be daunting, trying to catch up with everyone important in your life. Cloze lets you link all of your social media accounts and organize whose pictures, posts, and tweets you see first.

7. Downcast

If you love podcasts but the stock app isn’t working for you, try Downcast. The app features hundreds and hundreds of podcasts from people all around the world. The app watches your favorite channels and alerts you when new videos are ready to watch.

8. Duolingo

Wanting to learn a new language? Duolingo is the best free itunes app you can download to help with that. Users can take lessons on or offline with an easy to use format. Play games or practice flash cards to get a jump on learning a whole new language.

9. Snapseed

Snapseed is the most powerful photo editing app available for Itunes app users, it even rivals some desktop editing software. Image correction, localized adjustments, and image enhancements are just a few of the things Snapseed can do along with easy photo sharing.

10. Mobile App

As an extension of, this is still the highest rated money tracking app in Itunes. You can track your money and see your spending habits. Knowing how and what your spending is the easiest way to cut back and learn to save money.