iTunes app store vs Google Play store

Even though several companies are emerging each day to grace the mobile ecosystem, Apple and Google play have remained unbeatable. The two have locked horns, not only in revenue acquisition but also by dominating the minds and hearts of both the developers and consumers. For Google, they are well known as service providers of the Android’s mobile operating system as well as Google Play Store. Apple is known to offer the Apple App Store, also known as iTunes as well as iOS. They both offer common features such as books, apps, music, TV series and films, although their capacity to do this varies, and that is why we can single out their benefits. That why, the debate between iTunes app store vs Google Play store is still common among media houses today. Starting with iTunes, the following benefits should tell you what the app is all about.

iTunes benefits

Great organizer

itunes-store-benefitsApart from being straight forward and therefore user-friendly, which makes many people make use of it for playing their audio files on their devices such as computers, it can be rated as a great organizer. This means that the app does not only help in playing music, but it also organizes music greatly. This means a user can easily customize his music library and experience a simplified version when it comes to selecting albums, songs, artists or even genres to play.

iPod synchronization

This App enables the user to synchronize the Apple devices, whether it is be it on iPhone or even iPod. As a result, when a user connects his or her device to the computer, songs and files will automatically be transferred. In so doing, photo and music libraries on the computer usually remain identical all through.

Automatic update

iTunes is designed in such a way that it checks for automatic updates when a new version of the app is available. Fortunately, all the updated versions usually come with added features of the application. If updates are done properly, user’s overall experience will even be made better.

Google Play benefits

It is easier and even faster to publish your app on Google Play as compared to on iTunes. Google Play can as well give you more downloads as you need.

Direct agency

The app acts as a direct agency, where if you want to buy content through here, such as applications, data files and music to mention but a few, you get them directly from Google; or even from the content’s provider, and here, Google only acts as an agent, hence making your download quicker.

It has age restrictions

You are only allowed to use Google play at the age of 13. Although this might be a disadvantage to the younger generation, it is a benefit to many guardians, as it allows those who understands the internet to do so.


Google play also helps you to install updates. All updates introduced to Google Play originates from Google; hence they usually communicate with the servers to ensure your updates are readily available.

Google Play vs iTunes store

The truth is that if you are trying to find information concerning Google Play vs iTunes store, and you are a complete newbie, you might easily get confused along the way if you are not careful. However, Apple’s App Store (iTunes Store) limits its users to iPhone, while Android is known to use Google Play store. When it comes to popularity, Google play is considered to be more popular; however, the App Store is thought to be more profitable. Google play ranks up in downloads as compared to the App store. Many Google Play customers are more budget-cognizant, as compared to the App Store’s. the above is all about iTunes app store vs Google Play store.